Charleston, SC

Monday, July 16, 2012

We left before the sun even thought about coming up.

Road-tripping isn't very fun that early. Fortunately, we found a slightly redneck (and by slightly I mean very) fishing talk show on the radio and that kept us entertained/awake for a little while. Then we heard Don William's "You're My Best Friend" which made me happy because I love that song. And Mark sings the "you're my best friend" line in a thirteen year old girl voice, so there's that too.

Once the sun came up, the drive was beautiful. The clouds looked fake they were so huge and fluffy. I may or may not have snapped a few photos while driving.

We pulled into Charleston around 10am and spent the morning window shopping on King Street and enjoying the Marion Square Farmer's Market. After lunch, we met a couple friends at Folly Beach and spent the afternoon soaking up some sun, playing bocce ball and flying kites. Mark has an enormous kite that he attaches a camera to. It's pretty neat seeing the whole beach from an aerial view.

After we were all sufficiently sunburned, we headed to a friend's house downtown for showers before dinner. We ate at Taco Boy and it was scrumptious.

With our bellies full of quesadillas and tacos, we hopped back into the car and headed home.
We didn't do any touristy things this trip. In fact, we hardly did anything at all, but it was still fun to just walk around and relax on a beach. That's what weekends are for.

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