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Friday, July 06, 2012

Working during the summer is a drag. Unfortunately, bills don't stop coming during the summer months. This is my first full summer of working (mostly) full-time. Before this, my main source of income every summer was babysitting. While babysitting can be hard work (I can attest to this!), the flexible schedule of it puts it on a whole different level from other jobs. My summer days would consist of hanging out on the beach with friends all day and arriving at a babysitting job around 6 or 7pm, where I would entertain some little people for a few hours, put them to bed, and then have the rest of the evening to myself until the grownups got home. I'm sure I may have complained then, but looking back.....man, was that a sweet deal! I certainly don't miss the salary I was making then, but I still envy that schedule.

Recently I was switched over to more night shifts at the cafe where I work now. On one hand, it's a great deal. I get to sleep in most mornings (which is mainly what summer's all about), spend the day at the pool, running errands, or shopping, and then go into work in the evening. The bad part of this is that I hardly have any time with Mark. He leaves for work early in the morning before I've even thought about getting up and he gets home a few hours after I go to work. And since he has to be back at work early the next morning, we only have a few hours together once I get off work. 

The other night, though, we squeezed in a date after I got off work. I didn't have to close that night so we had a few extra hours together. He picked me up from work, I brought some food along, and we drove to Stone Mountain.Between the two of us, we've seen Stone Mountain's laser show QUITE a few times. It's the same show every night so it's nothing spectacular to us, but it's just nice being together outside in the warm night air. We took a blanket along and I leaned against him (which he complains about, but I think he likes it). We laughed at the crazy people dancing around us, hollered along with everyone else when the fireworks went off, and just relaxed. It was a perfect way to unwind after getting off of work and a great way to spend some time together, just the two of us. I have a feeling I'll be working these night shifts a lot more, so I hope we can squeeze in more evenings like this one.

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