Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I didn't realize how much I have missed my little apartment in Richmond until I walked in the door last Friday. It has some little quirks, as most old apartments do. The maximum occupancy of the kitchen is three people and only if those three people stand shoulder to shoulder and suck their bellies in tight. The bathroom is small and awkward. Picking something up off the floor in there is nearly impossible since there is absolutely no room to bend over. If you do manage to bend over, then you have to avoid whacking your head on the radiator, sink, shelf, or all three as you stand back up. I've learned to just not drop things in the bathroom.

It has plenty of redeeming qualities, though. The dark hardwood floors are beautiful, even if they get dusty within a day of mopping them. The tall ceilings make it feel airy and spacious, even if it is the size of a matchbox. The white walls are fun to decorate. I was a bit bummed when the landlord said the walls couldn't be painted, but I've grown accustomed to the white now. Simplicity can be nice.

My favorite thing about this tiny space is the light. It floods the little apartment and makes me happy. Some of the other apartments we looked at last summer had plenty of space, but  no natural light. I'm a huge fan of sun streaming through the windows across the hardwood floors. It makes the place bright and cheery.

There is an itty bitty balcony (aka fire escape) that overlooks a sweet little cobblestone street and a beautiful courtyard. In the distance, you can see a little park that's perfect for picnic lunches with friends or doing homework.

I'm a big fan of my little corner in Richmond. I'm excited to move back this fall, but not so excited about starting this whole long distant dating thing again. If someone could find a way to move North and South Carolina out of the way and push Atlanta a little closer to Richmond, I'd really appreciate it.

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