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Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Monday! This weekend was so great that I didn't mind Monday coming. Isn't that weird? Sometimes the weekend is so great that I dread Monday's with a passion. And other times the weekend just makes me feel ready to face Monday again.
Anyway, I've been happy about a lot of things lately, so this Monday's List is a list of things that have made me happy lately.
  • Being able to spend this whole summer with Mark.
  • That there's still four more weeks before I move back home
  • Weekend trips
  • Getting off work two hours earlier than normal
  • Kind people
  • Sleeping on the beach
  • Finding cheap books on Amazon
  • Taking pictures
  • A really great sale at Helix
  • Taco Boy's quesadillas
  • Sunday lunches at Transmetropolitan with friends
  • Food in general
  • Date nights

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