Sunday, July 29, 2012

In addition to this blog, I have a little tumblr: Good Grief, Miss Agnes.

There have been numerous times when I've thought about deleting it. It has sat neglected more than once. For awhile I debated the whole concept of Tumblr. Some people use Tumblr as a forum for their photography or writing. Others, like me, simply reblog what others have posted. For the most part there is nothing wrong with this, but I could never be sure if the proper credit was going to the proper people. I never purposely posted an image without linking back, but in the shuffle of it all there's bound to be mistakes: no credit given or credit going to the wrong source. It's something I worried about.

In the end my thoughts on Tumblr (my tumblr, more specifically) are this: It is a space to curate beautiful images that inspire me. I am not trying to promote or demote anyone else's material. When I need a little visual relaxation or inspiration, I go to Tumblr. When an image really stands out to me, I click the little reblog button and send it to the archives of my site. I take no credit for those images. The only thing I've done is curated a inspiring collection of beautiful images. The credit goes fully to the artists who have created them. Mainly, I do it for me. I'm glad if others are inspired by the collection I've made, but overall it is for me.

What are your thoughts on Tumblr? Do you have one?

Images: onetwothreefour

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