The walk

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Since moving to Richmond, I've always walked to class. Biking or driving would certainly be faster and there have been a few times when I've gotten out of a particularly long class and had no desire whatsoever to walk all the way home, but mostly I've come to really enjoy walking. Sometimes I take music along, but mostly I try to just enjoy those minutes spent outside. Last week classes began again and I resumed the daily walk to class. The last time I made that walk was three months ago. It was a warm morning in early May. I had one last final to take before I headed south for the summer. On one hand, it feels like yesterday that I made that walk. But it also feels a bit like forever ago. I thought I'd share some of my daily walk with you, so here goes:

Past the old mailboxes and down the tree-lined street. Past the gorgeous old homes that have wonderful smells of dinner wafting from them in the evenings. Past the old brick wall with the ivy vine. Past the old couple walking their dog. Past the mother with the rambunctious toddler. Past the sweet-smelling butterfly bushes and beneath the huge hanging clouds. Over the river and through the woods and I arrive at school.
Kidding about the over the river and through the woods part. Just seemed to fit.

How do you normally travel? Do you enjoy walking or is biking more your thing?

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  1. Love these photos Whitney! Please post an update when the leaves start to change in your area!
    I was hoping to find a place in downtown Frederick and be able to bike/walk to work, but looks like I'll be scooting along in the Jeep Liberty!
    Hope you're enjoying your blog! I certainly am! Just added it to my "reading list"!


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