College life: the father of invention

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I came home from class today to find the air conditioning on the fritz. After walking twenty minutes in ninety-degree weather and hot beating-down sun, a hot apartment was not what I had in mind. The afternoon sun was streaming through the windows turning the place into a sauna. I poured myself glass after glass of icy cold water, hoping that would somehow cool me down. After stripping off any unnecessary clothing, I found a spot on the floor where the sunlight wasn't reaching and sat with a fan blowing directly on me, my trusty glass of ice cold water, and my laptop. That's how homework got done this afternoon.

When the sun finally started going down and my apartment slowly began to cool off, I realized I was starving and hadn't eaten anything since arriving home. I pulled some meat and cheese out the fridge to make a sandwich only to discover that I was out of bread. Frustrated and starving, I used the closet thing to bread I could find: frozen waffles. With some turkey and swiss on them, they weren't half bad. Only in college.

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