First day of classes

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My classes are all in the afternoon this semester. I will be working some mornings, but other days I will have the morning to do with as I please. When class doesn't start until 12 or 1pm, it's embarrassingly easy for me to stay in bed until then. My goal this semester is to be a little more productive during those morning hours. Lately, I've been waking up around 6am for some odd reason. I'll lay in bed and look at the early morning sky and wonder why I'm awake at such an hour. It's really not such a bad hour, though. For twenty-one years I've held a grudge against 6am. I never liked it and never wanted to see it. But I'm discovering that 6am really isn't so awful. It's quiet and peaceful and kind of beautiful. It's important to note that I've discovered this while lying in bed at 6am with no plans of actually getting up. If I actually needed to get out of bed and function at 6am my feelings might change a bit. Anyway, the point of all this rambling is that I want to start taking advantage of those early mornings. Not just lie in bed, but get up and learn to enjoy those quiet moments before the day starts.

Thinking of this has made me consider some other things I want to do this semester. All of this thinking has led to a list. Of course. So here it is, my goals for a new semester:

[] Exercise everyday
[] Find an internship or job
[] Put more money into savings
[] Read 10 books (1 2/10)
[] Raise GPA
[] Eat at the Cuban restaurant across the street
[] Take more pictures
[] Get up earlier
[] Complain less. Make everyday a good day.
Now it's published for the world to see. Come January there'd better be some check marks in those little boxes. If you've made semester goals, I'd love to hear!

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