On Making Changes

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

I've always felt that if you didn't like something, change it.  This may be a good motto to have, but it's easier said than done, my friends. Making changes is hard. In two weeks, I will be moving back to Richmond. I'll be going back to my old job, old apartment, same old school, same old habits, routines, etc. Some of these things I'm excited about. Others, not so much. So make a change, right? That thought keeps coming to me so strongly, but the act of actually making the change is hard and a little scary. It's so easy to get stuck in a routine, especially for me. It becomes easy and safe. But easy and safe, while familiar perhaps, can cause you to miss out on a whole lot. At least that's what I'm telling myself. So today I started the process of making a change. Sometimes it's not always as easy as ripping off a band-aide; it's a process.

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