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Monday, September 10, 2012

Lately, the top knot has been my go-to hair style every day. I know this usually considered a summer style. However, all summer long I've mostly been wearing my hair down or in a low bun. So much for following the trends. With the end of summer in sight, I've finally started pushing my hair up off my neck. Despite all the talk of fall and the deluge of fall inspiration across cyberspace, summer is still hanging on for all she's worth. I'm positive that Richmond is 10x hotter than Atlanta ever was. 

I haven't worn this style very much. I used to think that a high hair-do with my height wasn't a great mixture. Now I say, who gives a care
Wear your hair however you want to, regardless of height, trends, and season. 

This has proven to be a practical and very comfortable (not to mention, incredibly easy) hair style. 
How do you wear your hair? Any new hair inspirations for fall?

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