Friday, September 14, 2012

+ Dear neighbor, I'm happy that the few times you've turned up the volume on your music it's been some great song choices. I can live with that.

+ Dear Virginia weather, you are beautiful! Bright sunshine with a cool breeze. Big fluffy clouds in the sky. I'm in love with you.

+ Dear sinus infection, I am not in love with you. Go away, please.

+ Dear girls who sit behind me in large lecture hall, I am terribly sorry that you're date was awful last night. It is horrifying that someone would treat you that badly. However, your love life will not be on my midterm. Understanding the Freedom of Information Act and all that it entails will. I would be very appreciative if you would refrain from your not-so-quiet rants during lecture.

+ Dear Friday, I am so happy that you have arrived. Only four more days until I fly south.

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