Tuesday, September 11, 2012

This past weekend was supposed to be my laid-back weekend at home. Being sick wasn't what I had in mind, but on Friday a sore throat came to keep me company. By Saturday my voice was completely gone and my sinuses were throbbing. So I decided to pack my bags and go home for the weekend. If I was going to spend the weekend sick at least I wouldn't spend it alone.

When I arrived home, I instantly started to feel better. I'm chalking it up to fresh country air. The weather was beautiful! High 70's, bright sunshine, crisp breeze. It was perfect. I spent Saturday night going through some drawers and boxes in my old room. I found folders full of stories I had written. Some were written as far back as 2001. It was hilarious for me to go through all of that stuff. I remember writing each one of those stories. I even remembered all of the characters. I wanted to bring some of them back with me but there's no room in this little apartment for storing sentimental things, so they'll have to stay tucked away at home for the time being. Do any of you have old stories you wrote as a child? What do you do with them? I'd like to find a creative way to preserve them.

Sunday afternoon, I headed back to Richmond. As soon as I arrived, my symptoms returned full-force. What's the deal with that?!

So for the past few days, I've been cuddled up in hoodies, blowing my nose and drinking bottles and bottles of water. I've found that Tumblr and Pinterest are great company when you're sick. Here's a link to mine. It's gotten plenty of use these last few days.

Here's hoping I start feeling better soon, so I can plow through the rest of this week. Next Tuesday is calling my name! (More on that later...)

Update: A pinterest board to go along with these sick days.

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