Storing books in a small apartment

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Life in a tiny apartment can be difficult, but it has a way of pulling the creative side out of you. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading this gal's posts on life in a small apartment. Recently, she wrote about books. Books can be a predicament when you're limited on space. If you have books in your space then, more than likely, you're a bit attached to them. No one wants to get rid of their books. When I moved into this apartment, the boxes of books I brought along greatly outnumbered the boxes of household necessities, dishes, and even clothes. I've had to get creative with where to store books, since there is no space for a bookshelf in the apartment. One thing I've learned is that books make for great decoration! They're (usually) pretty and have some kind of sentiment or memory associated with them, so what better object to surround your home with. I thought I'd share a four ways I store books in a small space.

On window sills. Window sills make a great bookshelf. I've even had books in the bathroom window sill before. 

They're stacked along the baseboards. This is great if you have a empty corner, or space that doesn't get a lot of traffic.

On a shelf.

Stacked beneath a lamp. This is my most popular way of storing books. They make a great pedestal and are still within easy reach.

Do you have any secret storage solutions for small spaces? Where do you keep books?

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  1. Tiny space living is the best kind of living--for our books though, we just build shelves on the wall. Lots and lots of wall shelves.

    Also, sometimes books end up under our bed.

    It can't be helped.


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