Sunday, September 16, 2012

It has been beautiful lately. Despite a deluge of pumpkin flavors and talk of fall, the leaves haven't thought about changing colors. No doubt fall is on it's way, but it certainly hasn't arrived yet. I have always thought of fall as a transition period from summer to winter, but I've never really noticed before the transitions that take place before fall gets here. They're very subtle and can be easy to miss. The days become a bit cooler. It still feels like summer for the most part, but the cool breeze in the air is very foreign to a Virginia summer. At night, there's a chill in the air that's very unlike summer. It's not a cold chill, but cozy rather. It makes you excited for things to come and makes you want to breathe deep. The days slowly grow shorter and the sun starts sneaking off earlier in the evenings. Summer hangs on and fall creeps in. It's a beautiful transition. 

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