Wednesday, October 03, 2012

a new fall rug with the tell-tale "new rug" crease down the middle

Loving: Pinterest. It may be the best tool for procrastinating  but it's also a great tool for days when I feel like crap. This sick thing has got to stop. I love fall, but catching colds is the biggest downfall. For some reason, I've had the hardest time shaking whatever mess I've caught. Pinterest has been taking my mind off of that and providing me with plenty of inspiration and good-mood inducers. Here are a few recent favorite pinners: LindsayLinn, and Lianna.

Reading: Hah. Funny question.

Listening to: Mumford and Son's new album. It's really great! Between that and the new Avett Brother's album, I'm set for fall music. Also, I found an old Statler Brothers CD when I was at my parent's home a few weekends ago. I've been keeping it in my car and there's nothing better than blaring "Hello, Mary Lou" while driving. It's definitely bringing back some memories!

Watching: Scandal. The new series started and I'm hooked again. For some reason, I've always been a fan of shows set in Washington, DC. Don't ask me why.

Looking forward to: the weekend. I remember when weekends used to be the same as any other day. Sure, there was no school on the weekends, but I don't ever remember looking forward to the weekends as much as I do now. There's something special about them now. Or maybe I just took them for granted before. Either way, this weekend I'm driving south to see Mark and Friday can't get here soon enough.

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