Friday, October 05, 2012

+ Dear sweater weather, you're here! It's exciting too pull out my cozy sweaters and scarves that I haven't worn in awhile. The only sad part is that my toes are cold. When my toes become cold in the fall they don't warm up again until May. That's just the way it is. The warmest socks and boots can't change that.

+ Dear apartment, you're cute when you're clean. I should clean you more often.

+ Dear fellow in the laundry mat, thanks for being nice but I'm not in a very chatty mood when I've got three big bags of laundry to get done and am feeling sick.

+ Dear headache, thanks for stopping by. I think you've outstayed your welcome, though.

+ Dear neighbor, it's nice when you open your windows while you're playing the cello. You're pretty good and your music is a great soundtrack for cool autumn evenings.

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