Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy has the whole city shut down. Classes were cancelled, businesses are closed, and warning advisory's are flying about left and right. The way people are talking this "Frankenstorm" is going to be the end of the world! So far, we've just had rain, rain, and more rain, but the wind gusts have started to pick up. The sky looks gray and mean. This little apartment, however, is super cozy. I've pulled out my big winter sweaters, the Carter Sisters are playing on the record player, and coffee's brewing. (I won't be drinking any of it; Kelsey has dibs on the whole pot, but it still makes the place smells good.) I have a midterm and paper due tomorrow, so there's been plenty to keep me busy today, but you better believe I've found time to browse some wedding blogs, watch movies, spend copious amounts of time of facebook and eat eat eat.

One thing I know -- I'd rather be stuck in this tiny apartment with the wind howling outside than sitting in a lecture hall right about now. Does that give you an idea of how ready I am for this semester to be over?

I hope you're all staying warm and dry.

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