A post in which I wax poetic about fall

Monday, November 12, 2012

People start waxing poetic as soon as fall arrives. Actually, as soon as Starbucks starts serving their pumpkin spice lattes the gushy fall talk begins. It continues as the leaves start to change colors and the nights get cooler until I'm about ready to scream if I hear one more thing about the "fiery-colored leaves" and the "crisp autumn air".

But then beautiful days like today happen and I end up writing a blog post about "the beautiful fall leaves".

This time, though, the leaves were putting on their own little show. The wind was whipping the piles of leaves into huge whirlwinds. The leaves that were blowing off the trees would mix with the leaves blowing up from the streets, creating a swirling storm of bright yellow and orange leaves. The sun would catch the leaves and turn them transparently bright, almost neon.

There's definitely something to be said about walking to class in a swirling storm of leaves.

If the weekend has to be over and if it has to be Monday, then you bet your buttered biscuit that I want to start the week off by walking through a cyclonic swirl of neon-colored leaves.

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