Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Old brick wall in Shockhoe Bottom
borrowed from Mark's iPhone

Loving: The cozy feeling that comes along with cold weather. At first, I was a bit disappointed that it turned cold so soon. Usually, we have warm weather until Thanksgiving, but this year the weather had different ideas. Either way, I'm enjoying it at the moment. One of my favorite parts of the day is that stretch of time between dinner and bedtime when I can cozy up in bed and watch a movie, or bake cookies (hah), or listen to records. This stretch of time always goes by too fast, though, and I end up staying awake way too long. Now that the time has changed and it's dark at 5:30, that stretch of time just got longer. It's a cozy time, and I'm loving it.

Watching: Say Yes to the Dress, Atlanta. I know, I know. But out of sheer boredom, I started watching the show last night. I about died laughing! Mark even sat down and watched a few episodes with me and that's saying something.  I also keep hearing rave reviews of Boardwalk Empire. I wanted to start at the beginning, but the show doesn't seem to be on Netflix. Anyone know where I can start at Season One?

Reading: True Blue by David Baldacci. My reading has been pretty much zilch lately. The other night I picked up True Blue on a whim. I've been reading a few pages every night to fall asleep. Who knows if I'll finish it, at the rate I''m going, but at least I'm reading. It's been awhile.

Listening to: The Secret Sisters radio on Pandora. They put me in a holiday sort of mood. They're basically the equivalent of Christmas music, but not too Christmas-y. Know what I mean? Anyway, it's one of those stations that you have to be in the right mood to listen to.

Looking forward to: the holidays. I can hardly believe that Thanksgiving is so close, but I'm really happy that it is. I've just got to get through these next few weeks of school.

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