weekend recap

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

1. home  2. red barns  3. kelsey & moses

The weekend involved:
- wedding dress shopping
- thrifting for vintage cake stands
- delicious fettucine alfredo
- baking cupcakes and pumpkin pie
- an early Thanksgiving dinner 
- unpacking from the last trip to Georgia (shameful, I know)
- repacking for my trip this week

Who else is happy to have a six-day weekend?

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  1. my weekend involved fettucine alfredo as well. Did you find a dress?? Safe travels to Georgia! You may just pass my family on the road!

  2. I found two that I really love and it's so hard to decide! Right now, I'm just enjoying the fun of shopping so I'm not too stressed about it...yet ;)


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