Monday, December 31, 2012

These were some of the first pictures that Mark and I ever took together. It seems so long ago and, at the same time, it feels like yesterday. It was back when just the thought of sitting beside him gave me a flurry of crazy butterflies in my stomach. And now I'm marrying him.... what! In a mere six days, 2013 will arrive and with it will come the year of our marriage. It's funny how you talk about these things and you plan for them, but suddenly it hits you and you wonder "How on earth did we get here?!"

What happened to all those months of texting and phone calling, the nine-hour drives to Georgia, the butterflies and nervous jitters? I remember when we would go a whole month without seeing each other. The time dragged by. Even when we would plan trips for every other weekend, the weeks in between would take forever to go by. It's funny how I can still distinctly remember how slow the time dragged by and yet, at the same time, feel as though it flew by.

I kept thinking back to a post I read on Sometimes Sweet awhile ago. She wrote about something similar and put it perfectly into words. I remember reading it and thinking, "Yes!" -- that silent exclamation you make in your head when someone puts your exact thoughts into words. I went back and searched her archives to find the post so I could share it here:

"How did I get here? It's a question I wonder about a lot. I wonder then if this is just how it feels for some people. If maybe this is a part of growing up, the disbelief that we are in fact growing up. I think ahead to 40 and 50, wondering if I'll still feel the same way I did at 20 and 30, "how did this all happen so quickly?" in the front of my mind as I look back and all around at my life. Will I be sitting at the table on my 80th birthday, eyes crinkling into a deep smile, feeling 30 still and thinking about how fast the time went and how on earth is it even possible that I'm 80?! I wonder..."

"I think the key is to just try and grab hold of anything you can, and tuck it away in a safe place, to pull out and remember when you need it. And I think it's okay to wonder where the time went, to feel strange at how you were there and now you're suddenly here, and to think how did this happen? And i think if we still feel this way when we're 80, still feeling like we're so young and wondering how this wonderful life happened to us, I will look back on all of it and feel like we did it just right."

It is crazy to think that we were once there and now we're here. But I think we'll feel that way our whole lives. I remember when this year started, I was counting down the days until the spring semester ended and I moved to Georgia for the summer. It felt like summer would never arrive. And now here we are -- the summer gone, a new year about to start, a ring on my finger, and a wedding day fast approaching.

This time next year I'll probably be sitting here wondering how our first year of marriage flew by so fast. So here's to enjoying every little moment of 2013, the good and the bad. 2012, you've been awesome, but there's a lot of exciting things coming.

Happy new years!

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