Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Loving: Christmas break. Oy, it's been so nice and it's only just beginning. I think the farther along I get in college the more I start to appreciate the loveliness of Christmas break. The days have been long and lazy. Some days we'll have a list of things we want to do and, while some things may get done, other times we end up not doing any of it. That may be one of my favorite things about Christmas break -- the freedom to do whatever you please with your day (to a certain extent, or course). We've spent most days Christmas shopping, stuffing our bellies with delicious food, watching movies, and wrapping presents. (Mark and I have amazing wrapping skills. The recipients of our presents are going to be so impressed this year!;)

In a few days, I'll start the eight-hour trek up I-85, but this time I'm bringing Mark with me. He's excited to spend the next few weeks hunting which means I'll probably never see him, but we'll be in the same state, so that's something to be happy about.

Listening to: my new records! Mark got me Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes' new album and an old Waylon Jenning's record as an early Christmas present. I love them! I was hooked on Edward Sharpe's new album after both Parenthood and Nashville played their songs. And Waylon Jennings......well, you can't go wrong with that man.

Watching: Still hooked on The Voice. Please tell me that I'm not the only one who watches this show. Mark makes fun of me mercilessly for watching this show, but c'mon it's not that bad! Right? Anyway, this week starts the final rounds and I'm really curious to see who wins. I watch it on Hulu a day after though, so no spoilers!

Reading: Do you ever make lists of books you want to read? I do all the time. Every time I walk into a Barnes & Noble I add a few more to the list, but actually getting around to reading them is a whole different story. We were in a bookstore recently, searching for some Christmas presents, and my list kept growing and growing. There's so many good books on that list and I'm starting to get frustrated that I've never taken the time to sit and read one of them. Maybe one day I'll share the list on here, so someone can read them!

Looking forward to: The rest of the month. Because of family and different schedules, we've already had one "Christmas" and we'll have a second "Christmas" after the 25th in Virginia. I'm starting to think we should do this every year! It makes Christmas last that much longer.

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  1. I always make a reading list at the bookstore. Thats another thing I love about Iphones, they have that Notes app so I can just list what I want as I'm looking at it. And then that way-- I can bring up that list next time I'm there with money to actually buy the books I want!


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