Weekend links 1.4.13

Friday, January 04, 2013

It made me excited to write '13 in this post's title. It's still sinking in that a new year is here. This weekend is the last weekend before Mark and I both go back to school and I start my new job. I've said it before and I'll say it again...this break has been amazing! These last few weeks with Mark have been super nice. The coming year is going to be full of so many new and good things, but it's also going to be an extremely busy year, so these last few weeks of vacation have meant a lot.
If you're in college, is this your last weekend before the "fun" starts again? How will you be spending it? Mark and I are still at my parent's home. He and my brother have been hunting as much as they can before the end of the season on Saturday. We're having a handful of friends over on Sunday, so it'll be a nice way to end this perfect break from school. Here are a few links that I've enjoyed this week:

- I am excited for Sara's new series: how to dwell small.
- I've always had a secret fascination with flight attendants, so this post really caught my eye.
- If you're a newbie twitter user like me, check out these 5 twitter mistakes to avoid.
- Mark and I have started apartment hunting. I love it. He hates it. Anyway, here's an interesting article on how to find the perfect apartment.
- Allyson has a great collection of tips and tricks on her pinterest board here. One of my favorites was an article on the cheapest days to fly and best days to buy airline tickets.
- I loved this post...and the idea behind it!
- The Everygirl has a great article about managing your finances in 2013.
- I loved this post on how to ace an interview because I feel like these skills can be applied all the time in the business world, not just on an interview.
- Erin shared some beautiful photos of western New York covered in snow.
- Everyone makes resolutions of some sort, but have you made any social media resolutions?

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