365 project: week four

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

17/365: Wedding invitation samples came in the mail today!

18/365: Pulled out the winter hat and boots today. It finally snowed in Richmond!

19/365: Saturday night was spent with a great bunch of people eating at one of my favorite Atlanta restaurants -- DBA BBQ.

20/365: Wedding invitations! We managed to screen-print them all Sunday night. Whoo hoo!

21/365: I missed a day. I know, I know. The majority of this day was spent in the backseat of a car, travelling home to Virginia. I slept the majority of the way, waking up only to blow my nose and/or sneeze. Deeeelightful, let me tell you. You probably didn't want to see a picture of that anyway. So, you're welcome.

22/365: Sunshine! It makes these frigid days a little more bearable.

23/365: Thank goodness for cozy, warm blankets.


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