Monday, January 07, 2013

An old Zumi shot from a few summers ago.

Loving: The new features on some of my favorite blogs. It seems like bloggers got an extra dose of creativity this year when January rolled around. Here are a few that I'm currently loving:
E is blogging everyday in January.
Elsie is doing a cute 365 days at home project.
James started a new series called Want, Need, Wear, Read.
Breanna is curating some beautiful wantlists.
Danielle has started a new series titled Girl-Crushin'.
And I'm attempting my own 365 project on this blog. I've been posting my photos weekly. Taking a picture every day is one thing, blogging every day is a completely different story. :)

Watching: Back to back episodes of The Wire. It is one of those shows that I have heard about constantly, but just never took the time to watch it. I surprised Mark with it for Christmas and we've been watching it together. I have to say, I'm pretty hooked. We've got a few more episodes to watch before Mark goes back to Georgia, or I may be borrowing his Christmas present for a little while. :)

Reading: Falling Together by Marisa de los Santos. I was so happy to receive it as a gift this year, since I had somehow missed that Santos, one of my favorite authors, had published another book. Big fail on my part, but it made for a great surprise! It has been an embarrassingly long time since I've sat down to read a book, so I'm enjoying it. The way Santos writes makes me happy. Someone once told me that they didn't like her books, because she was too wordy. I have to disagree. The way she words sentences make me wish I was a better writer. She has a knack with words that is seriously impressive. I'll let you know my feelings on the actual story as I get farther into it.

Working on: Getting organized. It has been so wonderful to shut my brain off during this break. There were quite a few days when I even forgot what day of the week it was. But school and work are fast approaching, so I have had to start thinking about things and getting myself organized for the coming semester. It's not as bad as it sounds. I'm all about making lists and organizing things. I've also been working on a lot of wedding things. I'm super happy with everything that has come together during my time off from school. We've still got a lot to do before May arrives, but little by little it's getting done. The organization freak who lives inside me is having a heyday.

Thinking about: How excited and slightly scared I am for this year. I'm taking my final capstone courses this semester and it's a little terrifying. Combine that with wedding planning and a new job and you can understand why 2013 looks a little scary. The good news is that the exciting parts outweigh all the scary parts.

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