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Thursday, January 17, 2013

A little feature about the things that made me happy this week. Even the worst days have happy moments and this feature is to remind me of that. 

- Work. I love my new job. I spend most of my time dealing with news and social media and the rest of the time blogging. And the best part is - I get paid to do it. I also love dressing up to go into an office everyday. It's been awhile since I've had the liberty of picking and choosing an outfit for work every morning.

- Writing. This past week I've been reminded again how much writing makes me happy. There's something special about seeing a finished draft and knowing that you created that. All the frustrations disappear when that final copy is in front of you.

- Wedding stuff. More specifically, actually getting wedding stuff done and not just talking about it or looking at it on a pinterest board. When the topic of weddings roll around, I've found that people (including me) can talk for hours on the subject but actually buckling down and accomplishing things can be difficult. This week a small number of things got squared away and that makes me happy. We're that much closer to our wedding day!

- The big picture. This week I've been trying to look at the big picture instead of getting stressed out over little things. For example, when I start stressing over homework and deadlines, I remember that I'm finally in my senior year of college. When I start wishing I could sleep in for another hour, I remember that I've got a great job that's worth getting up for. When none of that works, I think that I've got a fiance who's pretty darn cute and a wedding coming up in May. That always does the trick. Really, though, the big picture ain't so bad.

- Bloglovin'. I have this addiction with my Bloglovin' feed. I used to check it as often as some people check their inbox or Facebook, but then life/this semester stepped in. Now I only have a few moments after I crawl in bed at night to scroll through my favorite blogs, but those few moments are nice. Really nice.

- Scoring a parking space right outside my building. It has been raining alllllll week! Not a pretty rain either, a freezing-cold-drench-you-to-the-bone rain. I know because I've been caught in it (without an umbrella or rainboots!) too many times this week. It's getting to be annoying. I finally gave in and started driving to class instead of suffering through another cold miserable walk. I normally don't drive because parking is a nightmare around campus and usually results in a ticket that I can't afford to pay. This rain calls for desperate measures though. This week I somehow managed to score a parking space right outside my building. I'm telling you, miracles do happen!


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