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Thursday, January 24, 2013

A little feature about the things that made me happy this week. Even the worst days have happy moments and this feature is to remind me of that. 

- Long weekends. Martin Luther King weekend came along right when I needed a long weekend the most. Sure, I ended up catching some nasty bug and blowing my nose like it was my favorite thing to do but that didn't stop it from being an awesome weekend. Any weekend when I can travel to Georgia is an awesome weekend. Have I used the word awesome enough?

- Shorter weeks. Of course this was going to be the next thing on my list. It's already Thursday. One more day until the weekend!

- Wedding invitations. Mark and I screen printed our wedding invitations this past weekend. It was a pretty intense process and we got a little frustrated more than once, but the final products turned out perfect. It makes everything feel a whole lot more real knowing those are my wedding invitations laying on the desk in my room.

- BLTs. On Monday, before leaving Georgia, Mark and I met up with some friends in downtown Athens for lunch. It was a tiny little corner restaurant with an amazing menu selection (think fried green tomatoes, mashed potatoes, burgers, and Nehis). Their BLT was delicious! It is no secret that I am bacon's biggest fan, so this little place was right up my alley. We all agreed that the music selection was a little creepy though. It sounded similar to a chorus of out-of-tuned screeching violins. Other than that, it was the perfect way to spend a sunny Monday lunch.

- Parking. Yet again, this little gem makes it onto my weekly happy list. I scored a spot right in front of the door to my building this morning. And the meters haven't been "configured" yet (whatever that means) so I didn't have to pay, which is another good thing since I didn't realize until after I left the house this morning that I had no change with me. Ahh...life.

- Downton Abbey. Don't judge. It makes me happy.

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