Weekend links 2.8.13

Friday, February 08, 2013

I've been trying to stay on top of things this week. Lesson learned: Staying on top of things is tiring and very time-consuming. Thank goodness it's the weekend. Here's some links for you, but first a song:

- If you've had a hard week and need a good laugh, read this. Mark and I made the mistake of reading it together while we were sitting in a quiet section at Barnes & Noble. 

- I've seen a few Valentine's Day Challenges going around. I'm glad people are turning Valentine's Day into more than just gushy hearts and chocolates. 

- Sara has a cute Valentine's Day gift guide on her blog. Again...I love the idea of getting away from all the typical gifts associated with Valentine's Day.

DIY Marquee Lights. I love this idea! One day when I'm feeling extra crafty I'll take it on. Who am I kidding? I'll just show it to Mark and get him to make it. :)

- This post made me wish I was in ATL so I could eat a big, delicious Yeah! burger.

Persimmon: it's not quite red, but not quite orange. It might be my new favorite color.

- I need to hang this in my apartment this semester.

- This lady always posts the prettiest pictures and makes me want to take a road trip to Charleston.

Daily dishonesty - the lovely little lies we tell everyday.

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