365 project: week six

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

This whole picture-a-day thing is a lot harder than it sounds! I realize that I've strayed away from my original idea of sticking to a "home" theme. At this rate, if I snap a picture at all I'm doing good. Hence, the crazy variety in all of these posts -- from socked feet to sushi! I'm trying not to quit, but I've come close a few times. It is fun, though, to look back through weeks one and two and remember what I was doing on those particular days. I realize that these pictures hold no meaning for you guys and, lets be honest, my photography skills are seriously lacking so they're not even beautiful to look at. 
I'm going to try to stick it out, though. You never know, maybe by December I'll have some amazing photography skills that I can thank this project for. Ha! Anyway, enjoy this past week's snapshots:

30/365: J.Crew men socks are the only way to make it through winter

31/365: Hello, pretty red door.

32/365: Fried sushi at Sticky Rice. Deeeelicious.

33/365: Wedding lace

34/365: Leaving the airport Sunday night with a heavy, gray sky to keep me company.

35/365: Keep coming, Spring. We're all waiting for you!

36/365: These boots have served me well this winter, but I'm so ready to switch to flip-flops and sandals.

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