Weekend links 3.1.13

Friday, March 01, 2013

Happy weekend! My plans for the weekend were to take it easy, work on a few homework assignments, watch some Hulu, maybe go shopping....until last night. That's when this great idea hit me and I decided to pack my bags and drive to Atlanta. (Well actually, Mark called and said, "Come to Atlanta this weekend." That boy always has the best ideas ;)

Have a great weekend!

- Take back the weekends! Trust me, I have no problem with this, but there should be a movement to take back the weekends. As Calvin says, if weekends aren't utterly wasted then they don't count.........or something like that. I'm paraphrasing.

- Cute pillow stylin'

- A board I've dedicated to the very best color.

- A collection of impossibly cool people.

- I always love Danielle's posts....especially this one titled Home. Isn't it funny how little towns can grab onto your heart strings?

- A letter from Dr. Suess to one of his fans. Cute!

- I'm looking for some pretty desktop wallpaper for March. Any suggestions?

- Ellington has beautiful leather bags and their spring collection looks awesome!

- Image from here

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