Weekend links 3.22.13

Friday, March 22, 2013

In perfect Virginia fashion, the weather has taken a turn from a sunny 65 degrees to snow flurries. Hello, spring indeed. Here are some links I've enjoyed this week.

- I loved this Q&A session with Sharon Montrose. Her job is pretty amazing! My favorite quote from the whole interview was: "This whole business is the happiest accident that happened to me." 

- Ranunculus have been popping up all over the interwebs lately. They're beautiful, although, their name is a bit weird.

- How delicious do Fonuts sound?! There are so many delicious-sounding flavors, I wouldn't be able to decide. Peanut butter and jelly. Cinnamon apple. Maple bacon. Yum...

- As I get deeper and deeper into the marketing world through work, I've started reading more about marketing and branding.  This really caught my eye. True, right?

- I found this adorable engagement video on this lady's blog. It's cute, as is her blog!

- I'm a huge fan of this photo.

How fast can you type? I found this via A Cup of Jo and I don't know if it's the best or worst thing I've ever found via the web. I'm am unashamedly addicted!

- I love the idea of turning a bed sideways to have more space in a room. 

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