Tuesday, March 19, 2013

We had our engagement pictures taken a few weekends ago and they turned out perfect! I'll share more soon.

Loving: Cherry blossoms and sunshine. The days are slowly getting warmer, but the weather lately has been typical for springtime in Virginia. Cold and icing one day and 75 and sunny the next. A bit schizophrenic, but I'll take it.

Watching: My recent obsession is with The Following. I'm a fan of any show that can actually surprise me with all its twist and turns. This show is great at doing that and it seriously gets my heart beating! I've also been following along with the new show Red Widow. It doesn't grip me like The Following does, but it's pretty good as well.

Listening: Norah Jones radio on Spotify. There's a ton of goodies on that station by Madeleine Peyroux, M. Ward, and Jack Johnson. It's good relaxation music at the end of the day.

Reading: E Tells Tales. I'm so happy my favorite blogger has started blogging again! There's only a small number of blogs that I get really excited to read and this is one of them. She has a way with words that I envy. If you aren't following her blog, you should start! Oh, and check out her adorable shop while you're at it.

Looking forward to: this summer! I'm so ready for this semester to be over and I cannot wait for this summer. It's going to be so nice to forget about school for a little while and enjoy some time off with my new husband. (that sounds so awesome and so weird at the same time ;)

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