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Thursday, March 21, 2013

A few weekends ago Mark and I had our engagement pictures taken. We couldn't have had a more beautiful day to take pictures if we had tried. I was getting a little nervous since there had been a mini-blizzard at the beginning of that week. By Sunday, though, the temperatures almost reached 80 and the sun was gorgeous! 

Mark and I had initially decided to not take professional engagement pictures. We were happy with the few photos we already had and didn't really want the extra expense. I'm so glad we changed our minds! Not only do we have some really great pictures as a result, but it was nice to spend some time experimenting with poses and backdrops. One weird thing we found out was that kissing in front of the camera is hard! We would either start laughing or butt noses. No one else would probably notice, but looking at the pictures we're kissing in really crack me up. You don't know the awkwardness that was going on behind the picture! ;) I have a feeling that the photo of us kissing on our wedding day is going to be pretty amusing.

Thanks to Chris Fessler for the awesome photos!

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