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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

This past week Kelsey and I finally had a chance to eat at Kuba Kuba. The Cuban eatery has been on my list of places to eat since before we moved to Richmond. Once we moved here, I would walk past it almost daily on my way to class and the smells that drifted out the open front door....oh, the smells! 

On Thursday, we met a few friends there for dinner. I've got some pretty high standards for Cuban food after eating some amazing authentic Cuban food made by Mark's family. While this was good, it didn't really compare to Jacksonville cooking. I ordered the arroz con pollo (of course). The portions were HUGE and served with tostones -- again, not as good as the Torres family makes them. :)

A friend ordered empanadillas - a pastry filled with spinach and ricotta - which was surprisingly good! We topped the meal off with a slice of chocolate and vanilla Tres Leches cake that the owner's mother makes herself. 

It was a fun evening and I'm glad we finally got around to trying this Richmond landmark. By the way, they just celebrated their 15th birthday this week!

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