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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Photos courtesy of Vintage Richmond

I recently ran across these vintage photographs of Richmond. I especially loved the third photograph of The Fan. Not a lot has changed since 1960. Except for the cars, maybe. 

This week summer arrived in Richmond. These 90 degree temperatures can hardly be classified as spring and because the majority of our winter weather was crammed into March this year it felt like we jumped straight from snow to summer. As soon as the warm weather arrived, (in true Richmond fashion) the streets became clogged with bikers and too many hipsters in cut-off jean shorts. If I see one more hairy man leg....

I'm sure I will though, because this weekend 42,000 runners will be descending upon my street to run in the annual Ukrop's Monument Avenue 10K. It's a pretty big deal for Richmond, but I've learned that if you're not actually in the race...get out of town! Driving and parking around town on that day is impossible. I will more than likely be heading home to peaceful Caroline and let those brave enough enjoy the crowded streets.

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