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Friday, April 19, 2013

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I never got a chance to post some weekend links last weekend. On Sunday night, I drove to Atlanta to be with Mark. I was there through Wednesday and then caught a flight home. My week feels all screwy now. Thursday felt like Monday. The good news is another weekend is almost here. The weeks are flying by and there's only a few weeks left in the semester. Even crazier than that is there's only 30-something days until the wedding! Time marches on. Here's what I've been enjoying around the web lately.

- I like the idea behind this blog. Artist Jeana Sohn visits stylish ladies' closets and blogs about it at Closet Visit.

- The tumblr Reasons My Son Is Crying is the precise reason why I tip my hat to parents. And am glad I'm not one.

The scariest search engine on the Internet.

- I finally managed to get the majority of my articles posted online. You can see them here.

Totally "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks. Ha!

Radar Sconce

- I love love love the idea of having a donut cake.

- A pretty lookbook completely dedicated to braids. This makes me want to finally learn how to french braid.

- A cheap, but very creative way to display photos.

- How awesome is this: French street artist JR is inviting people to take large-scale self-portraits in a specially designed photo booth in Times Square. Participants get to keep their portraits and some will be displayed in various neighborhoods around NYC.

- Cute dishtowels with the 50 state animals on them.

- I love this sweet, vintage home. So many treasures!

- People are awesome: Why Joseph Charles Spent 30 Years Waving to Passerby  

I hope your weekend is everything you're hoping it will be. I'm so excited for Saturday morning. I intend to sleep straight through it. After that, I'll be swamped with homework, but I won't think about that now. Have a good one!

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