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Friday, April 05, 2013

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The bright sunshine streaming through my apartment windows and the promise of 70 degrees makes the fact that I'm spending this weekend by myself a little better. My plan is to sleep. And maybe knock out a few wedding-related things, but mainly sleep. So, see you Monday.

- An ampersand pinanta. We should hang one of these up at the wedding!

- This lady always shares the prettiest desktop wallpaper. I had the March version on my computer at work and loved it!

Foldable Japanese rainboots. Yes, please.

- Some more pretty desktop wallpaper for you.

- I was so glad I ran across this article on marrying young. One of my favorite parts: "Marriage wasn't something we did after we'd grown up -- it was how we have grown up and grown together."

- Who knew there was an art to naming dogs.

- I could never do this lady's job, but it's really interesting.

- These greenhouse prints from the home ground are so pretty!

- Two Swedish designers are creating some awesome geometric rugs using only thrift store cast-offs.

- Ha! The New York Times has a Haiku Bot that generates haiku from stories on the homepage of the NY Times. Found via swissmiss.

What New Yorkers eat during the day.

- I've never heard of Broccoli Road in San Francisco before, but it looks awesome!

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