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Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy weekend! I've been pinching myself because I can hardly believe this weekend is here. It's the last weekend before our wedding which means a lot of stuff needs to get done, but I'm so excited by the simple fact that it's the last weekend before our wedding that I'm not bothered by the mountain of stuff that needs to be done. I exaggerate a bit -- it's not a mountain. I intend to get it all done, but I keep thinking that in 10 years time I probably won't even remember the little wedding things that I rushed to get done the weekend before our wedding. On Monday a few wedding guests will be arriving and I'm excited to enjoy the week with my almost-husband and our families. Enjoy your weekend! It's supposed to be beautiful weather here in Virginia. Here's hoping it's gorgeous where you are, too. Some links:

- Awesome is probably the most over-used word in America. Some writers got fed up with it and created the Anti-Awesome list.

- The Rain Room exhibit at MOMA sounds amazing!

- BHLDN is giving away a summer party kit.

- I loved reading Laicie's post about planning she and her husband's wedding.

Family photos with a hot air balloon!

- I'm so excited to visit this beautiful place while we're in New York.

- What we can learn from Scandal. Who else is a huge fan of this show? Raises hand!

- If only I had a couple extra grand laying around, I could rent a zip line for our next party.

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