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Friday, May 03, 2013

Happy weekend! I switched over to a new work schedule this week. It's a pretty awesome one, because I get Friday's off which means long weekends all summer long! I kicked this long weekend off by sleeping in ridiculously late and then spending the rest of the day outside in the beautiful weather. I knocked out a few more things for the wedding and may or may not have tried on my wedding dress. I thought about walking around the house in it for a few hours like Rachel from Friends, but decided against it. It sure does put me in a happy mood though! Only six more days until I get to see Mark, ten more days until he moves up here, and only twenty-one more days until we say "I do"! I can live with that.

- Pull out your big hats in honor of the Kentucky Derby this weekend!

- I love this Curator series on Besotted Blog. I'm a sucker for a well-curated Pinterest account.

10 Reasons Happy People Get More Job Opportunities

- I really hope I get the chance to read at least one of  these books this summer!

Newspaper Reporters were voted Worst Job, according to CareerCast. What do you think? It even beat Lumberjacks, which came in 2nd place.

Love You Daily

- A beautiful May calendar for your desktop or phone. I've already downloaded it onto my work computer to spruce up my corner.

Marmalade Pull Apart Bread sounds delicious.

- Great idea: Drawing on pictures.

- This is such a beautiful space. Found via bleubird vintage blog.

- I recently discovered Hello May. It's cute and full of ideas, even if you're not planning a wedding.

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