What I'm Reading - Vol. Four

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

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The best blogging advice I've ever read
Sometimes the things you write are going to be similar to other people, and you should probably be friends with those people, and then broaden your horizons by looking in different places for inspiration. The internet can be very small for how impossibly large it really is, and often I see people all looking in the exact same places for direction. Maybe that person you're following is interesting to you because he pulls inspiration from so many different places. There is no reason you can't do that too. 

Why I Became a Freegan
What is an apple? In your kitchen, it's food, nourishment. At the market, it's currency, a player in transactions. Dangling from a tree or baked in a pie, it's a part of our cultural identity, an axis for uniting families and friends around the bounty of the harvest. But what about when it's sitting under three layers of thick black plastic, in a tower of bulging garbage bags on the curb, waiting for the metallic teeth of the nightly garbage truck? How do we regard this resource that holds such cultural, economic and environmental value when it's suffocating beneath plastic, tossed away?

Timeline for a Tragedy
There seems to be an unknown timeline for tragedies. The public is expected to limit and consider what they say on Twitter and Facebook in the light of horrific events. Maybe they should stay silent and disconnect from social media altogether. But for how long? How long do you disconnect from day-to-day activities that had been a part of your everyday life? And how long do you look at the world with a different perspective forced upon you by an unexpected act of violence or a terrifying medical diagnosis?

If You Use the Web, You Are a "Curator"
As much as the term gets criticized, curation requires patience, resourcefulness, and a keen editing eye. It means becoming fluent in one particular dialect of the web, versus trying to speak its entire language. It's the reason journalists have beats, and the reason you chose one major in college, instead of seven. 

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