a backyard picnic wedding

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I found this beautiful wedding via Green Wedding Shoes. I love the low-key, laid-back atmosphere of it! My favorite thing about it is that they set out a bowl full of Tattly temporary tattoos for their guests to play around with and enjoy. One thing I learned from our wedding is that its important for guests to have something to keep them entertained. Surprisingly, it doesn't take much. At our wedding, we hung a huge garland from the magnolia tree and set up a suitcase full of funny props, then had a friend take polaroid pictures of everyone. Our guests had fun goofing off and creating funny pictures. We had an unofficial Instagram hashtag for our guests to use and many of their awesome polaroid creations ended up on Instagram. We loved looking back through them later and it gave our guests something fun to do while we were busy taking pictures with our photographer. 

What fun things did you give your guests to do at your wedding? I'd love to hear!

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