honeymoonin' in central park

Friday, June 14, 2013

Central Park was so much fun. It was a beautiful summer day and we rented a tandem bike to make our way through the park. It was crazy fun, even though tandem biking can be a little scary. Maybe it's just that way when my husband is steering, though. He liked taking the hills of Central Park waaaay too fast for my scaredy-pants self. We rode until our legs were burning and our butts hurt. Then we stopped at the closest Shake Shack and filled our bellies with burgers, cheese fries, strawberry shakes, and icy cold water. Mmmmmmm.....
^^ yeah, that's my husband :) ^^

^^This is what blows my mind about Central Park. In the middle of this huge, bustling city places like that exist. Seriously, it looks like the countryside of Virginia was transplanted to the middle of New York City.

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