honeymoonin' in williamsburg

Thursday, June 13, 2013

We took a trip to Williamsburg during our trip to NYC. It was a cold and wet day - perfect for the spending time in the little shops and bookstores that line the streets of Williamsburg. We ate lunch at Dos Toros, which is pretty much like Chipotle except with a different name. Their rice is way better than Chipotle's though, in my opinion. Eventually, we got tired of walking in the rain and took the train back to Manhattan to our warm hotel room. 

 ^^^ Does anyone know where I can get me a notebook like the ones above....other than a tiny bookstore in Brooklyn, of course. I looked at them forever (because they're awesome) but then made a foolish practical decision and didn't buy one. Still kicking myself over that. A girl can never have too many notebooks, especially ones that are "advanced quality" and "give the best writing features".

To see more of our honeymoon pictures, click here.

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