Honeymoonin' on a train

Monday, June 10, 2013

We kicked off our honeymoon with one long train ride to New York City. The day after our wedding, we woke up bright and early and drove to the train depot. If you've ever been to downtown Fredericksburg, you know that the train depot can hardly be classified as such. In fact, the actual depot was converted into a restaurant years ago, so really all that exists is a tall staircase that leads up to the tracks. There are a few shelters to stand out of the rain, but other than that you just stand on the side of the tracks and wait for the train to arrive.

It was a five-hour ride to NYC, but it went by quickly. We both fell asleep for a large portion of the trip and the rest of the time we browsed through pictures of our wedding that a few guests had posted online. Mark laughed at me for looking through them so many times during our train ride, but I loved reliving every moment of the day through other people's pictures. And what else are 5-hour train rides for?

We flew home from our honeymoon and although it was much faster I would still definitely recommend taking the train!

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