Our wedding

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Did you think you were going to see wedding photos? Ha! Despite checking my inbox every five minutes, our professional wedding photos still have not arrived. Above is a sneak peek that the photographer sent Mark & I the day after our wedding.  I love that we're holding an Instax. It's so us! As soon as Mark & I were engaged, I asked a close friend of mine to be the "official" polaroid photographer at our wedding. Between Mark & I we both have quite a collection of Polaroid and Instax cameras and I definitely wanted them used at our wedding. 

We set up a photobooth under the magnolia tree with some fun props for guests to take polaroids with, but my friend also took polaroids during the ceremony and reception as people were milling around and talking. They're some of my absolute favorites! Mark has been working on scanning them, so I will share them soon.

In the mean time, I'm keeping myself happy by going through wedding photos that our guests have shared. I've probably looked at them a million times, but there were so many moments that I missed or forgot about and it's so much fun to relive them through pictures. Regardless of what people say, the bride misses out on a lot during the wedding day. I was getting dressed as a lot of the setup was happening. Mark & I were taking our portraits together as the guests were arriving. After the ceremony, we were taking family pictures as the guests milled around beneath the tent. And before you know it, the evening's slipped away and it's time to leave the party. All that to say....it's really nice to have the little moments documented in pictures. I don't think I'll ever get tired of looking through these photos.

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