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Friday, June 21, 2013

How is it the weekend already? This week flew by. But now that it's over, we get to enjoy three days of weekend fun! We're going to a couple shin-digs thus weekend and I just spent the last hour wrapping presents for them - one for a birthday, one for a graduation, and one for a wedding shower. And, yeah, it really did take me an hour. I am horrible at wrapping presents. So horrible, in fact, that at Christmastime, I don't even need label my gifts. Despite the mass amount of presents in our big family, everyone still knows the ones that were wrapped by Whitney. It's sad, but I still try.

This weekend I'm going to attempt to make a rice krispy cake. I linked to it below. Let me know if you try it out too. Fingers crossed that it's not a total fail! 

Enjoy some weekend links. And happy first day of summer!

- Love this print. Found via swissmiss.

A rice krispies cake. Genius.

Classical statues dressed as hipsters.

- This book is on my summer reading list.

- I've been enjoying the articles on Bustle, a news and lifestyle site that just launched this week.

- Would you try these? 

- If you click on just one link in this post, let it be this one.  Becca's job is so interesting and the photos are beautiful!

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