Weekend links 6.28.13

Friday, June 28, 2013

I've been thinking a lot about why I post these weekend links. I started thinking about it because a part of me was afraid that I was doing it just because I saw it was what other bloggers did. I tried my hand at blogging a few years ago and gave up after a few months because it just wasn't fun. I was just copying other blogs and sharing their content and none of my own. Now -- as much as I enjoy sharing little bits of my life and thoughts here -- I also enjoy putting together these weekend link posts to share. During the week, I'm always bookmarking, pocketing, pinning, and saving things around the internet that I've seen and liked. This post is a perfect forum for me to share those things. I love checking out other bloggers' weekend link posts too because, even though it's not their own content, it still reveals something about the blogger. It shows where they go for their news and entertainment. And it shows the things they think are worth a second glance.

Some of my favorite weekend link posts to check out are Danielle's 'Weekend Links' and Joanna's weekend posts. If you do regular weekend link posts on your blog, link to it in the comments. I'd love to check it out!

- These Puerto Rico vacation photos are giving me serious wanderlust.

- Anthropologie is having a summer tag sale. Can't beat 50% off! Here's some of my favorites: this tunicthis tank, and this bag.

How a standard lock actually works.

- A cute way to snazz up red solo cups at your next summer party.

- Love these awesome Professor Clucks t-shirts. Found via swissmiss.

- Would you try some Spicy Lemonade?

- A Summer Reading List for the Adult Me

- I was introduced to Verily magazine through Jane Reaction. They have some good articles. Check 'em out!

- Protesters are standing quietly and reading books in Istanbul in a new form of protest. It's known as the Taksim Square Book Club.

Lilly the deer

- A wire rack done two ways.

- This pretty print is available to download for free.

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