Our wedding: the quiet moments

Friday, July 05, 2013

The day before our wedding was a whirlwind. There were truck-loads of things that needed transported to the wedding site, food to cook, cakes to bake, signs to paint, and programs to print. Family and guests were arriving and at every meal there was at least twenty or more people squished around the table. It was wonderful. On the morning of our wedding though, while all our family and friends gathered at my uncle’s house for breakfast, I stayed by myself at my parent’s house. It was the first time in days that the house was empty and silent. I took a long, hot shower and used all the hot water – one of the luxuries of being the only one at home. I took my time blow drying my hair and getting dressed. As wonderful as it was to have so many special people there for our wedding, it was nice to take a few hours to myself to let it all soak in. I think in the midst of all the running around, I had let it slip my mind that a wedding was going to take place later that day – my wedding.

I had more time to myself later that day right before the wedding began. As the guests were arriving, I was staying out of sight behind the house. I was too wound up to sit still, so I walked around the back yard and through the boxwood gardens. Looking back, that was one of my favorite parts of the day. I know it sounds bad to say that the time I was alone on my wedding day was one of my favorites. But I think those few quiet moments helped me soak it all in. The rest of the day was awesome, but it all passed by so quickly. Those few moments alone before the wedding were like taking a step back and really looking at everything that was happening. I stood behind the house and listened to the sounds of my wedding day  – the noise of guests arriving and milling around the yard, people laughing, my soon-to-be husband greeting the guests, my dad and a few other men remarking over the old Chevrolet, my mom laughing, the birds chirping. I kept thinking to myself, “This is my wedding day.” 

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