Our wedding: waves of grain

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

If you’ve never seen a wheat field rolling in the wind, you’re missing out on something beautiful. Words can’t begin to describe how awesome the wheat fields looked on our wedding day. It had been a typical week in May – weather-wise – all week, but on Friday the wind started blowing and hard. It was a cold, whistling wind that stayed around through Saturday. It caused a few minor inconveniences, but it made the wheat roll like waves in the ocean. I can’t find a way to describe it without sounding cliché, but I completely understand the meaning behind "amber waves of grain" now.

Mark and I walked into the wheat fields for a few of our wedding portraits. They were fun pictures to take, but navigating a wheat field in a wedding dress is a task! The trick is to walk in the tractor tire tracks – just in case you find yourself in a wheat field wearing a wedding dress in the near future. 

You're welcome.

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