Wedding Polaroids (A Whole Lot of Wedding Polaroids)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sorry about the mountain-load of photos in this post, but these are some of my absolute favorite memories of our wedding day. A friend of ours took shots throughout the day on an Instax camera and an old Land Polaroid camera and we really got some gems as a result. Thanks, Katie! Photographers can only be in so many places at once and I'm sure we wouldn't have half of these treasured photos if we hadn't made a point of corning our guests and taking their portraits. We also got a lot of random snapshots that the photographer missed. Not on purpose, of course. We were just busy taking up his time with our own portraits. 

Have you ever thought of letting your guests act as unofficial photographers at your wedding? I had originally wanted a few guests to take some short videos as well so we could eventually use them to make a complete wedding video. I never acted on the idea, though, and by the time our wedding day arrived I had completely forgot about it. Ah well. 

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